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What are binary options ?

Binary options are advanced investment vehicles which are sweeping the world of global investment. Binary options traders could be complex professional and seasoned traders as well as new investors which are making their first steps in the capital market through binary options. Binary Options can provide fantastic returns for investors reaching up to 95%, at intervals ranging from minutes and up to the end of the year.

Binary options are also known as digital options, and they are simply advanced options which allow investors to choose whether the price of an asset would either go up or down. If the estimations turns out to be true, the investor would earns a fixed, known in advance – profit. If the estimations are wrong, he would lose a predictable amount of money. However, unlike other options, in which the amount of profit or loss varies according to the fluctuations of the underlying asset investment with binary options both profit and loss are known and are fixed through the lifetime of the option.

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For example, if we think that the Gold price would increase between now and the end of the hour you would create a “”Call”” option on a Gold binary option (or “”Put”” if we believe that the price will go down..)

Select the amount we would like to invest in the option. for example – $100.00, if at the end of the hour we were correct, that means the option closed in the direction we anticipated – what we call “”In The Money”” (Call for upwards, Put for downwards) we would get our investment amount – PLUS a return of the guaranteed payout rate, which usually varies between %65 to 95% and is known before we purchase the option.

How does it works ?

Trading binary options is simple. First you need to register on one of the websites that offer binary options trading and choose the underlying asset and the expiry time, for example, the price of gold at 12:00, or NASDAQ at the end of the month. Before deciding on the investment direction, it is recommended to use technical analysis and economic sites to decide if you think the underlying asset is going to rise or fall in the time remaining until the expiration date. If you are correct ? You would earn up to 95% on every dollar you’ve compromised.

What if the price goes the other way ?

In the case the price moves in the wrong direction we can sell the binary option back or postpone the expiry date, depending on our predictions for the following period, this way we can reduce the risk of reaching the expiry date while the option is “Out Of The Money”.

Some binary option brokers offer the ability to set the payout and refund rates to allow appropriate risk management when trading binary options.

On which assets can I trade binary options ?

Almost any underlying financial asset can serve as the base asset for a binary option. Could be Stock Indexes – such as the NASDAQ or the Dow Jones ; specific stocks – such as Google Inc or Apple, commodities – like silver, wheat or gold, and currencies – such as the euro versus the American dollar or Swiss franc and the like.

What are the advantages of trading binary options?

First, the fact that the possible profit and loss potential are predictable. This allows the trader to accept the decision wisely and invest a specific amount of money in exchange for a given chance. Second, the trading platforms are friendly and accessible from any computer with an Internet connection and even on mobile phones. Binary options trading also does not involve opening a securities account at the bank where your account is managed and saves quite a bit of bureaucracy. Finally, Binary options are an exotic investment that meets the needs of traders who are looking for quick profits, at short intervals, while taking advantage of the volatility in the financial markets.

What if I really hate Risk? Can I trade Binary Options?

When engaging the investment world there are many risks, and this is true for any investment channel you might choose. However, the option builder feature which is offered by some binary options broker allows you to set an insurance percentage yield. For example – with a minimal option size of only $ 5 and with an 80% insurance rate and 10% yield,  in the case of a loss, the loss would only be $1.

Who is it good for?

Binary options trading is most suitable for salaried employees who want a little extra income in the evening and for people looking for a solution to work from home, women and men, young and seniors and anyone looking for an attractive, engaging, energizing and enjoyable investment channel. Presumably suitable for people who have money available for investment, with the understanding that they can also lose.

What are “touch options”?

These are options which the investor must decide whether the price for the underlying asset would touch a specific rate by the time remaining until the option expires and the percent yield can reach up to 750%. For example: Will the oil price drop to $ 85 per barrel (for a moment),in the next few days, or whether the NASDAQ would rise to a level of 1380 points.

What is a 60 second option ?

The 60 second options has a lifetime of 60 seconds until it expires. If an asset’s value goes clearly up or down, you can take advantage of this movement by choosing the appropriate 60 second option. Another technique to maximize profits is to make successive transaction whenever you spot an ongoing trend. Some traders actually choose the 60 second options to hedge their profits quickly by buying an option in the opposite direction, sometimes even double the profit when both options expire in the money.
This 60 second options are an ideal capability for traders who are looking for excitement and the chance for fast profits.

In summary

Binary options are a great opportunity for everyone, from inexperienced to professional traders to enter the capital market through a friendly and simple environment, and trade on assets all over the world, from anywhere, 24 hours a day. You can enter the market of binary options with a reasonable amount.

Binary options brokers charge no commissions or management fees. You have not traded ? You need not pay a dime.

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